Fall = Buy your dress!

photo credit - http://mycolorado.org/fall_drives.html

I can't believe that fall is already here. It's time for hot chocolate and sweaters and shorter day and wedding dresses. Oh, didn't you know that fall is wedding dress season? It's true, this is our big season when we have trunk shows, new lines, market reports from New York, and when we actually recommend you buy your dress when you're thinking wedding peak season next year, 8-10 months out from your wedding.

Here's why: Once you order your gown, we actually send all the info to the designer and they make it for you. Yep, it's not sitting on a rack somewhere and boxed up. They actually pull out the bolts of fabric, cut the patterns, and sew your dress for you after you've sent in your order (pretty cool stuff, eh?) And since girls from all over the world go to the best designers (aka, the ones we carry!) fall gets awful busy, and some dresses can take up to 6 months to come in once they're ordered. And then you have alterations (another 2-3 months), and being able to try it on to choose your accessories, and pressing it, and travel time to your site, and before you know it, your Summer 2012 wedding is here!

And if you're not until next fall, it never hurts to get a head start. If we have little fixes or issues that come up along the way, we can breathe easy knowing we have extra time to take care of it. In fact, I've never heard a bride tell me she had too much time with her wedding dress once it came in. So make sure you're shopping with plenty of time so it can be about the dress and not the timeline.