Lela Rose + Sara Gabriel = 1 awesome event!

Who hasn't said they want their wedding to be different? Somewhere in the millions of girls donning white dresses, picking out flowers, cakes, favors, invites, there must be some unique, uncharted territory that doesn't look like it came off of a bridal assembly line, right?

There sure is, it's a little something in the unassuming style that is Lela Rose. A soft-spoken voice in the wedding world, where design often screams over the top to be noticed, Lela found that sticking to her design principles kept her ahead of the pack, make it interesting, make it beautiful, make it comfortable.

I noticed the subtle genius of a Lela Rose dress the first time I picked one up and felt the lining. It was simply the best feeling fabric I can remember, what a treat to let that be what's against a bride's skin all day long. Then I noticed the beautiful box the gown came in, the personalized embroidery, all the touches that said this isn't just a long white dress, this is an heirloom to be treasured.

And the design detailing is amazing: Italian hand-crocheted lace, beading patterns that make you swoon with their delicacy, and always balanced with a light hand that doesn't need to be super flashy or shiny, perfect for a Colorado girl!

We love Lela, and if you haven't yet seen her dresses, are upcoming trunk show will make you love her too. We're coupling her up with a Colorado double bill: CSU alum Lela with Denver native Sara Gabriel, who will also be premiering her 2012 accessories collection at Anna Be the same weekend. Sara's new pieces bring to mind the fantastical world of feathers and carnivals, while using new materials to create the most unique bridal accessories out there! Between Lela, Sara, and Anna Be, you've got the best group of girlfriends possible to make you pretty on your wedding day!