awww... thanks joanna bailey!

we're lucky enough to have a  job where every day we work with folks (that's you brides and friends and family of brides) who are genuinely excited to be in our shop. it's a happy job and we know it. but that doesn't make it any less meaningful when we get a big thank you for what we do.

So Thank You Joanna! As one of leaders in the industry, your write up is quite touching and we're thrilled that you recognize how much every single member of our team loves working with brides and finding brides their dress! 

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and here's the nitty-gritty of it (sorry about the loss of formatting!) 

Denver's Finest Bridal Boutique, Anna Be Bridal Boutique

Ask anyone, and they will tell you that I am all about the gown.  If I could, I would wear a fabulous dress every day.  Frilly, sleek, bouncy, or simple elegance... I love them all.  More specifically, I love wedding gowns.  The details... ruffles, feathers (gasp!), crystals, lace, tulle, organza, silk... they make my heart go pitter patter.  Add a beautiful bride, and all of a sudden I become the matchmaker... the gown that looks as though it were created for her, and nothing less; that's the goal.
I have spent years in gown boutiques where the sales ladies are intent on selling their favorite(s) fresh from market.  And have experienced the shops where the sales staff pay little attention to what truly flatters the bride.  I have been known to sneak gowns into dressing rooms of brides I don't even know... and I make no apologies.  The sheer joy of seeing her face as she walks to the mirror and meets her perfect gown; there are no words to express the satisfaction.

Augusta Jones

All of this rambling brings me to my point, and my focus.  Anna Be Bridal Boutique, in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver.  The smartest, most clever boutique Denver could have been graced with.  The owners, Anna & Breanna are the sassiest, and perhaps arguably the savviest, small business owners in Denver's wedding industry.  They carry not only the Wedding Royalty... Very Wang, Monique Lhuillier, and Lela Rose, but also the mavericks... Stephanie James, Junko Yoshoika, Martina Liana, and Augusta Jones.

Stephanie James Couture
Anna Be's chic boutique is the epitome of swank.  You want to stay and buy more; except you only need one wedding gown.  Perhaps!  Because maybe you need a separate gown for the reception, and if so, Anna Be has it.  They also have the smartest sales team I have met in Denver's bridal market.  These people are quick.  They listen, evaluate and then get to work, like bees making honey, finding the perfect selection of gowns for you to try on.  They know their designers, the abilities of each design house and can offer intelligent suggestions should you decide your gown needs to be pink instead of white. It's a pleasure to work with the team at Anna Be.  They greet you with a warm welcome and a bottomless glass of champagne, and mean it when they say "let's play dress up!".  
Anna Be is the boutique to start with on your journey to the perfect gown.  
Chances are great you will not need to visit another.