wedding pink update!

Melissa found her dress! Here's the perspective of Jessica, the fabulous anna bé stylist who helped jessica find her dream dress:

I not only had the pleasure, but also the privilege of working with Melissa on The Wedding Pink. It was during Melissa’s second visit to Anna be that she found her perfect dress. She came into the shop with her mom, who was visiting from out of town, and a few of her closest friends, her wedding planner, and the woman that makes The Wedding Pink possible, Cheryl Ungar. There was an undeniable happiness in the room that day, Melissa seemed to glow. She was eager to try on a few favorites from her first appointment, but wanted to keep her options open.  I followed Melissa and her gaggle of girls around the shop, helping pull any dress that caught her eye. Once satisfied with her selections, we headed back to the fitting room to try and narrow it down to one perfect gown. It became clear rather quickly that Melissa had a very hard decision to make. She looked ravishing in each and every dress she put on. After seeing herself in a wide variety of silhouettes, and shades of white Melissa decided on “the one.” I remember looking in the mirror at Melissa’s reflection, her looking simply elated, and doing my best to fight back the tears that were quickly filling up my eyes.  It was a heart-warming experience working with The Wedding Pink, something I will carry with me always.  This was an appointment unlike any other I have experienced thus far, and I can only hope that my time here at Anna be is filled with brides just like Melissa.


photography by cheryl ungar weddings