the gift of modern trousseau!

This December we're gifting Modern Trousseau to our brides! Modern Trousseau is a line that we just added to our collection in October (that's right, we just picked them up 6 weeks ago) and to celebrate the arrival of the gowns to our store we will be taking 10% off every Modern Trousseau dress through December!  
A little bit about the line:
We loved the simple elegance. Modern Trousseau uses the absolute finest fabrics: luxurious silks, French laces, and delicate beadwork. And to top it off, Modern Trousseau is produced in the United States with a small team that can deliver quick turns and even modify sizing and make changes to customize the gown to be a truly special wedding gown. We weren't expecting these gowns to arrive at anna be until February (I told you they could do quicky turns!) but Modern Trousseau delivered early. As they say, it's like Christmas came early and our good fortune can now be shared with our brides.
Come in and see these gowns for yourself and take advantage of 10% off thru December. Gowns range from $2,900 - $4,200.