Greek to Me

If you've never been to Greece, you need to go! Like now! Find a deal on a flight, clear your calendar, and when your fiance wonders why you're feverishly cramming items into suitcases, you just tell him "Michael says we have to go!"

Seriously, Greece is one of the most beautiful countries I've ever been to. It's almost sacrilege to say as an Italian, but I found the Greek countryside even more beautiful, and (I'm sorry Mom) I liked the food better than in Italy. So, the Greekophile in me was super excited to see so many goddess-inspired dresses coming out recently, from designers like Vera Wang and Nicole Miller. Authentic Greek clothing is all about drape. Patterns weren't even a thought and fabrics were hand-loomed and incredibly expensive to make. Often embroidered patterns were banded along the edges of a fabric, and who wants to hem that away?!

Luckily these Greek-inspired bridal styles are must more structured so you don't have to have a degree in engineering just to figure out how to wrap them without looking like your en route to a toga party circa Animal House days. 

Dress #1:
Oh Vera. You can't open a bridal magazine these days without seeing an image of this dress. And the reason it's getting so much coverage? Well, other than the fact that it's drop dead gorgeous, it's takes the idea of wrapped panels of fabric and spins it all into a super sophisticated and urban looking silhouette. The train is a cut-away overlay of a matching jersey, and the softly rouched asymmetrical strap continues around and over the side zipper, making it practically disappear. And the big surprise... the back: French tulle shirred over corset boning to give structure in a totally soft, delicate way, introducing a whole new layer of nuance and texture.


Dress #2: Pure. Clean. Chic. Greek, but also a little Tuscan countryside. Chiffon just grazes past the body and opens into a soft splay of fabric at the hem. This Nicole Miller dress was originally inspired by a dress Angelina Jolie wore in a minty green. The notch bust line hints at a little sexiness, but still totally family appropriate, and when you embrace the modern mantra "less is more" this dress couldn't be more perfect.

Dress #3: Mighty Aphrodite. This crinkle chiffon sheath dress with puckered waist looks like it inspired all those statues. Luckily the chiffon is way more comfortable and flattering than marble, and Jenny Yoo kept it super affordable. Look closer and you'll still see tons of little dressmaker details. The lining has a soft scoop to the neckline, making it super flattering for almost every bust size. The overlay is then gathered into the one shoulder strap, clasped at the top and creating another dimension without lining the strap. The two delicate streamers also add a little more... just think of them catching air in the sea air on the coast of Santorini.