a few things about junko...

One of the many great things about our job is getting to see classic beauty reinvented each season. One designer who never seems to have a lack of creativity flowing through her wedding gowns is Junko Yoshioka.

A Japanese native, named after the month she was born in: June, Junko has been an artist ever since she's been able to put a pencil to paper. While developing her passion for fashion design at a prestigious school in Japan, Junko was awarded the highly sought after "Best Wedding Gown" design, driving her to continue creating feminine evening wear and bridal gowns.

Take a look at Yoshioka's collections of past, and it's easy to see why some of Italy's top fashion houses snatched her up to create ready-to-wear looks for the European market. Paying little attention to trends, this designer strives to stick to a neo-classic design, sure to please for years to come. But let's talk about the future; 11.26-11.28 we're excited to welcome this artist's whimsical gowns {fresh from Market in New York} for an encore of sorts. We just can't get enough of Junko Yoshioka.

Fancy a stroll through the rainforest? Look no further than Junko Yoshioka Spring 2011 collection, which according to Junko, was inspired by the organic colors, shapes, and movement of this lively environment. "A surprise around every turn", according to Yoshioka.

And what's better, is you don't have to go dancing through the forest in search of  the light fluidity of the latest gown, assembled in the lightest, sheerest fabrics in an unstructured drape-style. It will be here waiting to be discovered. But in a gown light as air, which seems to float much the same, dancing across the world seems like more of an invitation than a chore. 

p.s. the gowns in the photos are what we are getting for this weekend!


photos by first view from marthastewartweddings.com