a little teaser for this weekend...

In anticipation of our Vera Wang trunk show happening this weekend, we thought what better time to take a look at the new collection and what inspires the designer behind it?

Motivated by old Hollywood costume designer Edith Head, Mrs. Wang has had an eye for fashion from a young age. As a figure skater, Vera Wang developed her passion through the years and received international attention in 1994 for the hand-beaded ensemble she designed for Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan. From that point on, Vera has been unstoppable and has acquired a notable following in Hollywood, as well as the rest of the world.

 In the Spring 2011 line, the designer keeps true to collections of the past. Vera embraces voluminous fold techniques in organza and is an expert with tulle sculpture. With touches of lace and floral embellishments, it's easy to see femininity and sensuality embodied in the latest collection.

Wang's gowns walk an attractive balance between traditional elegance and modern design. In the designer's own words, "Nothing is new in fashion. It's about how you re-interpret it." This may be one huge reason Vera Wang has experienced such success in the  bridal industry; If there is any time in a woman's life where she wants to be unique and beautiful, it is as a bride. Vera excels at twisting a classic design while keeping it flattering, and making it her own. After seeing the new collection, you may see why so many of us want to make the gowns OUR own as well.


 {some photos from our vera wang trying on party today when the dresses arrived!}