A little naughty but oh so nice!

I fell in love with local photographer Kara Pearson from her wedding images and
when Kara told me that more and more brides were choosing to do a boudoir
session I was intrigued. Frankly the thought of anyone seeing me in my skivvies
was a little unnerving, but Kara has the sweetest personality to put any bride at
ease and well the more that I thought about it, the more that I thought what a
great gift for the hubby to be.  Kara keeps the images completely classy and
understands that it's the mystery that makes it.

This weekend, Kara is going to be capturing brides' appointments at anna be
(don't worry she's only taking pictures of you in a bridal gown!).  And one
bride-to-be will win a free boudoir session! All of the brides with scheduled
appointments will be entered to win with more details below.



Weekend Giveaway: Boudoir Days {Photos by Kara Pearson &
                                           Make-Up by
Cynthia Goodberry}

• 2 hours session including makeup, suite at a hotel, borrowed accessory
  from Anna Be i.e. hairpiece, veil, jewelry)

• OR Book a wedding with Kara and receive a complimentary or discounted
  Boudoir Session

About the photographer: With a background as a newspaper photographer, I
photograph weddings as a photojournalist. I shoot events as they unfold,
sneaking candids of guests, and capturing the “moments” between the bride
and groom. It's the only way to accurately tell the story of your special day.
My work is real, natural, emotional and candid - true photojournalism.