One For The Boys

We spend so much time talking about fun ways to accessorize and make your wedding look special, but what about the other one saying "I do" up front at the altar? Menswear selections can be dismal, and it's hard to get your guy out of his Northface and Teva's already, getting all the boys dressed up can be a bit of a nightmare.
1. Pick Your Battles
First things first, how much to do REALLY care what he's wearing? I ask this for the girls with stubborn fiancés who simply will not talk tux. If he's totally into his Chuck's, most of your pictures aren't going to include his shoes anyway. Y'all have made it this far learning how to compromise, so find a good balance between what you want and what he's comfortable in.
No exceptions: He is not allowed to look more casual than any of the other guys at the wedding. Your dad in a 3-piece suit and he's in an unbuttoned oxford and flip-flops? Sorry buddy, that's a no go. I also really like the looks between bridesmaids/groomsmen. For example, you've got a champagne colored sash but your girls are in sunshine yellow? The boys can wear yellow ties, but your man should probably keep it a little more neutral to match you. And if you're in all white, no color for him either (black, white, gray, maybe kacki)

2. Kickin' It Old School Style
Nothing says classic like a good ole tux. One button, black, peaked or notched satin lapel. Make sure his shirt actually fits (the jacket will mysteriously disappear somewhere between cake and "I freakin love this song!") Tell him he looks like Cary Grant...or James Bond. And let the boys take a couple pictures complete with sunglasses to live out their dapper espionage fantasy.

picture: Brandon Flowers from The Killers (aka, my one true love) in Burberry.

3. Beach Chic
The resort is booked, your flowing sheath gown picked out and on it's way, you can almost taste the margarita's from here. But, what's he going to wear? I still still believe groom = jacket, so a light weight linen suit can't be beat. Crisp white shirt (even if your dress is Ivory), and long tie if it's still on the formal side, open collar/no tie if you're really keeping it casual.

picture: this dude knows what he's doing. Well tailored, still casual, love that he's wearing his glasses!

4. Fashion Forward
You lucked out! He's heard of Ferragamo (better yet he owns a pair), or maybe he's just stylin'. Either way, don't count your chickens before they forward guy can easily slip into cartoon character without a little bit of your guidance if you can envision your fiance saying, "No baby, I swear this powder blue tux is going to look SICK!", show him a couple images in this variety to keep him from going from cool to clown.
Velvet jacket/dinner jacket = simple, clean pants/shoes/pocket square/everything else. The only acceptable light colors are khaki and white, otherwise, it's black, gray, and midnight blue.

picture: (i swear, i didn't just google him) Brandon again in a peak lapel velvet
jacket. Note: everything else is super subdued.