Veils and Cocktails, Michael Style

Some of you may know we've started a regular event called Veils and Cocktails (the next one is November 18th!), where we get to play dress up with accessories, have a drink, and get excited about all the fun little details that make up a wedding. I'm a little obsessed with veils right now. I've always been a big believer in accessories as a way to take a dress from great to "oh my god amazing", as well as the fantastic ability to make it fit your personal style. Taking a classic ballgown dress and pairing it with a chunky necklace and birdcage veil, all of a sudden we've gone from classic romance to super chic with the exact same dress. You can take something traditional and make it funky, something super clean and simple and make it sparkle, or something totally fun and unique and bring back a touch of classic bridal elegance.
I'm lucky that I get to play with some of the best veils and headpieces out there. Being a flagship for Sara Gabriel means I have the whole collection at my disposal the whole time, and we've created some awesome things for super special girls. In traditional Michael fashion, here's the story of two on my favorite custom veil projects and how they created their own totally unique looks.

Jenna is drop dead gorgeous. No, seriously, stunningly beautiful, a total sweetheart, and any girl who rocks a huge Louis bag and Blaniks when she casually strolls in on a Saturday... that's my kinda girl! Jenna is also super creative, she does gorgeous invitations and stationary at Watermark in Lowry, and she even altered and used her grandmother's wedding dress for her big day!!! Working with a fellow artist is always fun because you get to collaborate, and between Jenna, her mom, myself, and Sara G, I can't think of a more perfect veil to go with the whole look. We started with a tear-drop shaped hat from Stephanie James, removed the bow and original netting, flipped the design, added a Emily veil, switched it out to French Net, added a pouf of net a la Louise, a pearl and rhinestone center, and tons of coque and ostrich feathers combined. Building something that custom certainly isn't for the faint of heart (or the imagination) but when it all came together, none of us could imagine anything more fitting.
The Veil: custom hat/birdcage/pin/feathers
The Look: Vintage couture all the way!

Haley just makes me smile. What a cutie, what a laugh, she reminds me of what weddings are all about! I first met her when she came in for a bridal appointment and we found her dress, a layered Vera Wang in Organza with horizontal beading running under each layer of the skirt. It's a gorgeous traditional gown, and Haley looks like the picture perfect cake topper! When we did our accessories appointment, we wanted to add a little spice to the sweet, so we played with short veils. The Marilyn gave us exactly what we were looking for: a big, fun pouf of tulle that reminded us of an oversized flower. We then decided to use one of Sara's flower combs for the center, complete with a delicate pearl heart and just a little pop of coque feathers. Finally (and this is my favorite) we were able to incorporate a tiny bit of trim from her mother-in-law's gown... including this trim is a family tradition and all the girls in the family have used it. We looped a piece and tucked it into the flower so that it peeks out just over the petals. So sweet!
The Veil: Marilyn/Katrina flower/Family Heirloom trim
The Look: Youthful tradition with a twist.