fall market - 2010 {part 9}, michael's perspective

To Market, to market, to buy a white dress
When I started in bridal, I didn't know a thing about buying a wedding dress. I've obviously never shopped for one, and never got the opportunity to go with my friends and shop with them either. I remember saying, "It takes 4 months just for the dress to get here?!" Now of course, I could right a book on day of gown care alone! However, the one thing I'd never seen is the market experience: how we hit the pavement doing some shopping ourselves, finding dresses for the store that'll work for all our amazing brides.
In a flurry of 3 days, Anna, Bre, Nikki, and I saw hundreds and hundreds of dresses, with the task of editing out the ugly/silly/gaudy/tacky/trendy/boring/overpriced/under designed, in search of gorgeous gowns for y'all to see at Anna Be. Let me tell you, it isn't easy. Total dress overload sinks in pretty quick (I usually recommend no more than 5 dresses at a time in a dressing room to keep from being overwhelmed... imagine walking into a showroom with over 500!) but the images eventually do come clear, and I'm so thrilled about the new dresses that we'll be bringing you.
Along with the dresses, I'd like to share with you some of my favorite moments from our NYC trip:
Meeting the designers: I spent an evening chatting and drinking with Caroline DeVillo, hung out with Junko Yoshioka in SoHo, met Adele Wechsler, gave Stephanie James a big hug, and had a conversation with Monique Lhuillier (that's right, she asked me about my tattoos and she's the sweetest woman on earth!) It's so great to meet the creative inspiration behind a whole line, and every single designer was awesome to meet!
Seeing friends, old and new: I got to see all my friends who have visited us for trunk shows, attach faces to the girls I've talked to so often on the phone from offices around the country, and I even got to see some recently married college friends! NY is so alive and electric, and it's because of the amazing people everywhere around you
The Vera Showroom: Oh, Vera! A true understated, luxe experience. It's the epicenter of the Vera Wang world, but everything remained perfectly pristine from our vantage point, scattered around a wenge table with models who came up to each of us, letting us appreciate the immaculate work that goes into every dress. It's an experience to remember!
The dresses....oh the dresses: That's the whole point after all! What I loved were the glimpses into the behind the scenes. Dresses that had been completed days before, bodices that still needed tweaking, seeing the real work and understanding that designers truly do continue working and perfecting dresses up to the very last second (it's not just a Project Runway thing, it's a design reality for everyone)
So we hope you love what we picked for you, there are some phenomenal dresses on their way...and it was amazing to see where they really come from!