pretty, pretty please....pretty, pretty dress!

Back in November we had a trunk show for Vera Wang and they shipped us a dress from their luxe collection called the Diedre.

This dress was so luscious. Shamefully, every single girl who worked at anna be tried it on after hours. But we knew that after the trunk show, Diedre would have to be sent back to new york never to see her again. As part of the luxe collection, Diedre can only be carried in a handful of stores around the world.

But we loved Diedre so much that we decided we were not above groveling. We begged. We pleaded. We begged some more. We pretty much promised our unborn childen if only we could carry this dress.  

We got the dress. 

 She's amazing and every bit as gorgeous as we remember. And apparently, if I have a daughter her name will be Diedre.