hello kari!

 How long have you worked at Anna Bé?

I’ve been a part of the team since the beginning of November- woo hoo!

What is your favorite color?

I love any “fire” color- yellow, orange and red… not sure if has something to do with me being an Aries?

List three of your favorite things to do.

Fave things to do: Completing a challenging hike, meeting friends for margaritas, and i love to cook!

What is your favorite about Denver?

My hometown only saw 65 days of sun a year, so I appreciate the Vitamin D!

Favorite spot in the Highlands?

Since I moved to Colorado last March, I feel I am still exploring all that the city has to offer. I love the small shops, patios and rooftops, and happy hours.

But, if I have to choose right now, my vote goes with Sushi Sasa- what could be better than sake and jalapeno slices on Toro?!

What is your favorite part about working at anna bé?

I tell everyone it’s like reliving my childhood: anna bé is like Christmas day, imaginary-play and dress-up all in one. I get to open boxes with ready anticipation for a beautiful gown I’ve never seen and then imagine what the bride and her wedding will be like. Paired along with trying on some on my favorites it’s a girl’s dream come true.

What is your current favorite dress at anna bé?

I love Lela Rose’s designs! The Gallery in the shop stands out to me for its classic tailoring, yummy fabric and understated elegance. To be honest, I love the one’s that get overlooked, but surprises everyone once they’re on.

What are your life goals?

Showing up and making the most of life.
Being calm when chaos erupts.
Being patient.
Being more forgiving.
Being more considerate.
Being less grumpy.
Being there for everyone.
Getting the most out of every day.
Building a strong and happy family.
Learning and growing old with my best friend.