stylist to the celebs

If you've had the chance to work with Hannah, you know she's got a killer fashion sense. If she ever were to leave anna be (but please don't go!!!), she'd be an amazing stylist to celebrities. Here's her thoughts about some the newly engaged starlets!  

From Hannah:

Several newly engaged Hollywood starlets are about to enter wedded bliss next year. How long these unions will last, no one cares. The big question is: What will they wear? Below are my picks. 

Emily Blunt
Emily Blunt rose to fame with her expert portrayal of a snarky and vain assistant to the editor-in-chief in The Devil Wears Prada. After interning at the magazine on which the movie was based, I can confirm that her performance was in no way exaggerated. Currently engaged to The Office's John Krasinski, the British actress seems to be over the trauma of her public break-up with singer Michael Buble, whose sleazy private affair went public after Perez Hilton papered some incriminating photos on his website. Breakup by blog, I suppose. I have pointedly made the choice to remove all of Mr. Buble's songs from my iPod -- a voice that once sounded sweet suddenly seemed sickenly saccharine. Looking good is the best revenge, of course, and with Emily's prettily pointed features and aura of classic glamour, I could see her walking down the aisle in Augusta Jones' "Corsica."




Anna Paquin
Newly super-famous Anna Paquin has outgrown her Fly Away Home days by jumping abroard the vampire bandwagon. A weird phenomenon, but even I admit to being charmed by the pale and fanged. This being a darkly romantic couple (her fiance Stephen Moyer is her Trueblood co-star), I can see Anna in something edgy and ethereal, like Vera Wang's "Tatiana" dress in charcoal, accessorized with Sara Gabriel's "Velma" feather and bead hair comb in black -- for a look more vamp than vampire.



Ivanka Trump
Last summer in New York, I saw Ivanka walking into her apartment building on 5th Avenue, and I was completely stunned by the Amazon woman that she was. While I top out at 5 foot on a great day, Ivanka was at least 6' without heels. The Trump family epitomizes decadence and wealth, and Ivanka herself has her own line of -- shocker! -- diamond jewelry. What better dress than our brand new Monique Lhuillier "Margherite," a 2-piece sparkly, beaded, and feathered corset with an airy tulle skirt that would look divine on her tall frame?

Christina Ricci
Christina Ricci's career peaked in the 90's perhaps (Mermaids, Now and Then, The Adams Family: Classics.), but I will always carry a torch for this recently engaged actress whose VHS tapes line shelves in my basement back home in Pennsylvania. Her quirky personality and cute as a button looks scream TEA LENGTH STEPHANIE JAMES DRESS! Well, how appropriate and lucky for you, Christina, because we happen to have several dresses by Stephanie James, including the "Audrey," whose secret surprise is her blue crinoline underneath.