we are moving!

Bigger & Better. After three years in our current space, we are excited to announce that anna be is moving! Our new location will be 1575 Boulder Street (right above Lola Restaurant)! We're staying in the hood just gaining a lot more space to make the experience more comfortable and fun for our brides!

We officially open Saturday, August 15th in the new space. To ease the transition, we will be closed Tuesday, August 11th - August 14th.

Here's a few pictures of the construction work. While we are sad to leave our current space, you can see we've retained some of the best elements: exposed brick, funky patterns, and cozy shag carpet.

Here are some pics of what it looked like when we took possession (sorry, they are kind of blurry) and then the second half is what it looks like now - 4 weeks later, after construction and a paint job. Check back here for updated pics as we get closer to the moving date!

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