meet jordan and quinn...

Jordan is taking FOREVER to answer the questions and I'm anxious to post these adorable photos of Jordan and her baby girl, Quinn, so I'm going to tell you some things that I know about Jordan...

Things you should know about Jordan (in no particular order):

1. Her favorite color is red

2. She's married to a very tall guy named Calvin

3. She grew up in the Springs

4. She lived in Nashville for a year or so

5. Her baby girl's name is Quinn Angeline Locklear

6. Quinn is adorable

7. She loves being outside and having the sun on her face

8. Often, for lunch, she eats something she calls 'mexican fiesta'

9. She LOVES the rio (who can blame her)

10. She is our longest standing employee - she has blessed us with her presence for a little over 2 years now!