maids mash up



Pulling together a chic maids look that is coordinated yet flaunts the individual style of your maids can be tricky. For a little bit of inspiration, I turned to my latest tv obsession, Glee. I realize that I should probably be more impressed with how someone manages to blend Halo with Walking on Sunshine, but I could not stop staring at the impressive mix of different dresses that worked so well together.

Because we've all seen a hodge podge of dresses that have looked disastrous together (even black dresses require some thought and a little planning), I've compiled a couple of tips as exemplified by the Glee girls to help.

1. Tis the season. Even though some of the dresses are sleeveless and others have sleeves, all of the dresses worn are summery and share a casual feel.

2.  A common denominator. Pick an accessory or in this case, matching gold shoes, to tie everyone's look together.

3. All colors are not created equal. Pay attention to how the overall color palette looks together. If you're sticking with one color such as yellow, it's important that they are the same tone and within the same color family. 

4. Fabric counts.  All of the dresses are a cotton blend of dresses (no shiny satin mixed in) helping pull everything together! 

Have fun and mix it up!