drum roll please...


When I first met Nichole this summer, we both knew "her dress" the moment she put it on...everything about the fit was perfect and though we had over a year til her wedding, we could just tell that it was right. I was also so excited to see her again last month when she showed her parents and newly married sister and made the final decision on her dress. We took somewhere around a bagillion pictures, and it was so sweet to see the whole family together; it reminded me a lot of the excitement when my sister found her dress for her wedding last year.
There are people who just light up when they put on their wedding dress, and Nichole was radiant. And when we pulled her name in our Birthday Dress Drawing, I was jumping up and down I was so excited. Nothing of course compared to Nichole's excitement (obviously!)... her mom later told me they spent 15 minutes just screaming for joy when they got the news they were so excited.
It's truly a blessing to get to be a part of so many girl's weddings, and to help them select a dress that they'll remember for the rest of their lives. I'm so excited for Nichole and for the great story she'll have for years to come! Congrats!!!!!