One of the best parts of working at Anna Be is seeing a bride complete her look with the perfect accessories and jewelry, and watching her face light up when she opens up a beautiful Sara Gabriel box that contains her custom creation. This week, however, it was the employees of Anna Be who were the recipients of such a lovely and thoughtful gift from one of our brides, Lindsay, who works at the Oxford Hotel Spa. She'd brought us all little bags filled with goodies like hair care samples, skin creams, teas, and coupons - a perfect miniature pampering package! From all of us: Thank you, Lindsay! It certainly brightened our day today, as the shop has been quite quiet on this snowy Wednesday.
It just so happens that one of our recently engaged employees, Sara P., has the Oxford Hotel at the top of her list for her wedding day.
  "I immediately felt -- I don't even know how to explain it -- like, this is the place. This is the one. I really want to get ready here, I want to stay the night. They were so helpful and so nice." The Oxford Hotel has an old, vintage, boutique hotel feeling, but updated with all of the modern amenities. "It's very inviting, warm and it felt like home."
Now that we've all had a sneak peek of the Oxford's services, I know that I'll be popping in soon to check out the spa and say hello to Lindsay!