picking favorites

Every dress at Anna Be has a personality as individual as the bride who wears it. Some dresses are a bit more outspoken than others - their copious tulle skirts and sparkly corset bodices command lots of attention and tempt brides with their various embellishments: jewels! feathers! bows! more jewels! Their counterparts, however, the more demure and understated dresses that don't truly shine until displayed on a mannequin, are some of my favorites. Vera Wang's 2G089 is like the pretty but shy girl who stays in a shadowy corner during the school dance; not a lot of hanger appeal, but put her on a mannequin and she's the new prom queen. In the most luscious shade of French vanilla, this soft mermaid gown's beauty is in the details, like the subtle and unexpected modern lace applique, wispy veil of French net, and tiny trio of stars near the bust. It's truly lovely.
Of course, each dress complements each bride differently. One of the thrills of working amongst so many pretty things is being able to celebrate the whole spectrum of beauty, from the underrated to the over-the-top.