winter wedding - part 2

Blue Christmas
Perfect for girls who love playing into the cooler side of things and want a lot of their "something blue". Mixing blues is super easy and look great on lots of skintones!

The Dress: "Magnolia" by Vera Wang with a brooch detail (bonus: brooch with sapphires would be extra dazzling!)
The Maids: "Ella" by Jenny Yoo in Arctic Blue and "6571" from After Six in Blueberry
The Accessories:
Long veil, and delicate necklaces with crystal and pearl
The make-up: Fresh, flushed rosy cheek, a light shimmer on the lids and a touch of gloss on the lips
The Signature Drink:
Classic vodka martini with bleu-cheese stuffed olives (get it? bleu! i know, it's a super cheesy joke)