beauty for brides!

If there is ever a day that a woman wants to look and feel her most fabulously beautiful, it is her wedding day. Here I share some crazy little tips for looking great all day long.
 Tip #1:
After waking up the morning of your wedding, shower or wash your face with nice, frigid water. The coldness will decrease any leftover sleep puffiness. To get your blood circulating, drop and do 10 pushups, for a look that's perfectly flushed.
Tip #2:
Should the worst imaginable occur on the morning of your wedding-- a pimple! -- relax, and follow this recipe:
Step 1: Mixing equal parts baking soda and salt, add just enough water to make a paste.
Step 2: Apply mixture to pimple, and let dry for 15 minutes.
Step 3: Rinse off with warm water. Works like magic.

Tip #3:
To make sure that your eyes really pop in your pictures, you'll want big, full lashes. Whenever I'd get my makeup done for a high school dance or sorority formal, I always insisted on using my own method for applying mascara. This is a regime I've perfected over the years and am happy to share with the sparsely lashed.
Step 1: Imagine your lashes as three separate segments: roots, middle, and tips.
Step 2: With a mascara wand, sweep mascara only on the roots of your lashes, creating a nice, thick base.
Step 3: Without going over your lash roots, apply mascara to the middle section of your lashes only, making sure to coat the fine little lashes on the inner and outter corners of your eyes.
Step 4: Finally, apply mascara only to the tips of your lashes.
For an ethereal look, take a white eyeliner pencil and line the inside corners of your lashes, as well as your inside lower lid. This will cover your lower inner lid's redness, making you look healthier.
 Tip #4:
Nothing upsets me more than a droopy brow. Brows should be swept up, out and smoothed. The lift makes your eyes and cheekbones look better.
Tip #5:
If you plan on wearing your hair down or are having some pieces frame your face, I have a (slightly embarrassing) tip for making sure my hair stays put and doesn't frizz when I'm getting hot and sweaty on the dance floor. If you have spray deodorant, (the stick kind works too, just be sure to blend), spray your hairline at your forehead and neck to avoid moisture throughout the night that will cause your hair to frizz and your style to droop.
Advice from the staff:
Owner's Tip: Anna Walsh, co-owner, wore fake eyelashes to make her eyes pop for her wedding day. But a word of warning: do not learn the hard way by using a new shampoo or product the day before or of your wedding. Anna ended up with a rash on her face on the big day!
Nikki, our sales manager, swears by drinking tons of water for clear skin. If you've seen her, you'll know it works! To combat under-eye bags and wrinkles, she uses Freeze 24/7 cream to get a jump start on preventing the aging process.

One of my favorite products is Make Up Forever HD Microfinish Powder. I scored a freebie at an old internship and was blown away by how amazing it was. It's on it's way to cult status, seriously, and the product has garnered itself 1,324 rave reviews on Its a white powder that goes on translucent and magically makes your skin incredibly soft and perfect-looking. I'm oily-prone, and by the end of a long day the bronzer I applied to my cheekbones in the morning has been known to slide down to my jawline by late afternoon. It keeps your makeup looking like you've just applied it for hours and hours.

Man's Perspective: Michael, one of our sales associates, loves a subtle smokey eye paired with red lips on a woman for the day of the wedding.
And one last tip:  Don't go overboard with makeup or obsess about every little imperfection on the day of your wedding. You're going to be the most beautiful woman in the room!