market! (part 1)

ah. fall bridal market. my favorite time of the year. going to bustling new york city and getting to see what all of our talented designers have cooked up for us is so exciting. saying that it's fun (and exhausting) would be an understatement for sure, so forgive me that i'm a little late in posting these almost a week and half after our return (i needed to recuperate a bit).

the fact that I'm a week and half late does not mean that we aren't super duper pumped about what we saw at market. We are super duper duper pumped (i'd put that in all caps if it didn't make me sound even cornier). We can't wait for the new dresses to start arriving (hurry up january!).

so, i'll quit talking and show you what we saw! i'm sure you'll notice but we saw enough ball gowns to make even cinderella blush, touches of color (and not just from ms. vera) and tons of alternative necklines (for you anti-strapless brides out there).

please keep in mind while you are perusing that unfortunately we aren't getting all of the dresses for the shop that you'll see below (oh, if only we could!)...

Coming soon in part 2 and 3...Vera, Monique, Augusta Jones, Junko Yoshioka, and Lela Rose.

p.s. i apologize for the poor focus in some of the images...apparently i was too excited to bother to focus the camera.