Your Dress Viewing at anna bé:

It's probably been months, and you've been dreaming about your dress. It's totally normal to be excited, anxious, even nervous. You're coming in for a dress viewing just to ease your mind, remember what you love about your dress, and talk through all the exciting steps ahead! 

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 2.25.01 PM.png

So what'll we do?

Try the dress on: 

First things first, we've looked at your dress and think it looks great, now we want you to do the same. We're 99.99% sure it won't fit perfectly straight out of the box, but it'll be clean, new, and all yours to custom fit during alterations! Put it on, it's guaranteed to get you even more excited about the wedding! 

Play with accessories: 

To veil or not to veil? Necklace and stud earrings? No necklace, big earrings? How about a bracelet? Headband? Different reception look? We can play with options, take a look at favorites from before, or try things on with family heirlooms if you'd like to bring them in. Check out our accessories designers here.  

Talk alterations: 

Like we said, every one needs alterations. But you don't want to start alterations until about 10-12 weeks out from your wedding, and we have hand-selected group of independent seamstresses we'll send you to when the time is right. Remember your dress viewing is NOT and alterations appointment; that all comes later! 

Check more off your list: 

There are lots of items on the to-do list that anna bé can help with, including bridesmaid's gifts! We have local designers who can create custom jewelry for your girls (and it's less expensive than you'd think!) 

Take care of the money: 

You knew it was coming, and while we're checking things off the list, paying the other half of the balance for your dress will be one of those early expenses you can get out of the way. Come with your card (or if your mom/dad/aunt/fiancé/etc is paying, be prepared to call them to get their credit card number) and we'll get payment all squared away

Send you on your merry way: 

That's it, you're done! We'll pack up the dress in a breathable, opaque bag (to discourage peeking!) and you just hang it in a closet 'til it's time to take it to alterations. If bringing it home isn't an option, don't worry, you can store your dress at anna bé for $30 a month. 

Please let us know if you have any questions and we will see you soon!