Things to know about our values at anna bé bridal boutique


When it comes down to it, we strongly believe that shopping for your wedding dress should be fun, first and foremost. But what goes into creating a fun, welcoming experience for our brides? We’ve given this some serious thought, because while popping the bubbly certainly ups the ante, it’s not the only reason we are who we are. Instead, we like to lean on the following company values as our guiding light. We keep these in mind as we shop for our newest collection pieces, as we hire fabulous new stylists, and as we welcome in each and every bride and her family.

Authentic Experience

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We strive to make every appointment special for our brides. The designers and options out there are endless, the number of places you can shop is quickly growing, but the only thing we’re focused on is you, the bride. We’re not just here to be your stylist, but to be your friend and therapist (Hey, weddings are emotional! We get it!). So whether anna bé is your first stop or your last, we’ll make sure each visit is special.

Having Fun

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Obviously this is a top priority for us! After all, you’re getting married so let’s celebrate!! We know weddings can bring up some not-so-fun emotions about budgets and seating charts, but the moment you step through our doors, we’re all about sipping champagne, jamming to Katy Perry, and playing dress up. And what’s more fun than that?! Book your appointment and come have fun with us!

Continuous Improvement

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When chatting with one of our stylists, you might be surprised at how much they seem to know about which materials are best for tropical beach weddings or snowy mountain tops, whether or not you can get that low back to be just a little lower, or how to get a big ol’ ball gown just a little less poofy. Well, it’s not a complete coincidence. We’re constantly working on our A-game, which means knowing our inventory inside and out, keeping close relationships with our designers, frequently touching base with our recommended seamstresses, and holding regular training sessions on everything from fabrics to alterations to designers 101.


We are a company owned by women, focused on empowering other women, whether that’s our brides, our stylists, or charities focused on women. For our brides, we want Anna Be to be the place to shop, where they feel comfortable in their own skin, free to experiment with sparkly ballgowns or fitted mermaids. For our stylists, we’ve built a strong and supportive company culture. And for women around the globe, we support a number of charities by donating a portion of our profits to women in need.

Design-Minded Aesthetic

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We want to bring our brides the best options out there, but in order to do that we work closely with top designers who focus on quality construction, top notch materials, and fashionable designs. We curate our collection so there’s something for every bride and every style. So whether you’re a fashion-forward bride, a traditionalist, or somewhere in between, we have something you will love.


Every bride deserves her moment to shine! We gladly welcome brides of all shapes and sizes, skin color, creed, and orientation. Love is love and our only concern is making you feel absolutely fabulous on your wedding day!

When you book your appointment at anna bé, you’re getting so much more than a chance to try on wedding dresses. Book your appointment and come see for yourself!