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Wedding dress alterations can be stressful for brides, especially if they are unfamiliar with the process. As an anna bé bride, we want you to have the best possible experience and work done on your wedding dress, not to mention an objective partner who also has your best interest at heart! We do not believe in taking a “cut” of your alterations cost, so we do not have in-house seamstresses but rather choose to support who we think are the best in Denver!

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Below, Donna of Donna Beth Creations in Cherry Creek answers a few of our most-asked questions from brides:

1. Tell us a little about yourself!

I am Donna Savoy, owner of Donna Beth Creations.  I have been in business for 33 years and worked on over 15,000 wedding dresses!  I did start out designing gowns and been privileged to have designed thousands of gowns for brides around the world.  For the past 20 years we have focused on couture bridal alterations and redesigns. We are a family run business.

2. When should our brides start their wedding dress alterations?  How many fittings should brides expect to have with you?

In a perfect world we love to have 9 months to be able to space out all the fittings in our workroom, but we can also finish a dress the week of the wedding if necessary.  We are not a 1 and done alteration boutique, we do 3 fittings with the final appointment 3 weeks before the wedding. This allows time for the gown to be pressed by our pressing department.  

3. What can brides expect to be "typical" alterations to their wedding dress?  

A "typical" alteration is taking in the sides, hemming and bustles.  It of course depends on the design but these are normally needed on any gown.  It is our job to make sure your gown is a PERFCT fit for your special day!

4. What is the biggest misconception brides have about their wedding dress alterations?  

There are two misconceptions we run into the most!  The first is the cost of alterations as brides often think the cost will be dependent on the price of the gown.  Regardless of the price of your wedding dress, it takes the same amount of work and detail to alter the dress. We have worked on gowns ranging from a $50 sample all the way up to a $38,000 couture wedding dress and the range of $200-800 does not change for “typical” alterations.  If you want to make any custom changes to your gown, those costs will be separate from this range.

The other misconception we see a lot is when brides think that the cost will go up each fitting they have.  Our pricing covers all 3 of your fittings and the pressing of your gown. It also includes packing the gown for you if you will be travelling with it.  You will pay the total amount at your first visit and the price will not change, even if you lose weight and we have to take it in again! We ask that you reach and maintain your goal weight between your final fitting and pick up (about 3 weeks before your wedding) to ensure the best possible fit on your wedding day.

5. What should brides bring along to their first dress fitting?  

Your gown, of course :).  Shoes and undergarments are great if you have them for your first fitting, but we can wait until your 2nd fitting when we do a final check on your length.  At your final fitting it is ideal if someone can accompany you to learn how to bustle your dress, but if that is not possible we can always take a video on your phone!

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