3 Things to Consider before Trying on Sample Gowns

Wedding dress sample sales can either be a dream come true or a bridal nightmare depending on a few important factors.  At anna bé we always want to ensure the sample sale is a good fit for the bride, and we have found the more information we can give our brides the more successful their sample appointment will be!  Here are a few questions you can ask yourself when deciding whether to attend a sample sale:

1. Are you comfortable wearing a gown that has been worn by other brides?

Sample gowns are not new gowns. They have likely been tried on many times by brides in the shop and are not in pristine condition. Sample gowns are discounted from the original retail price based on wear and tear, and many will be priced over 50% off. Another thing to consider is size and length. Most of our sample gowns will work for anyone size 2ish to 8ish depending on the designer. If you are over 5’9”, your selection will be smaller as not all of the gowns will be long enough for you.  

2. Are you ready to purchase your gown that day?

Sample sales work best for brides who have tried on wedding gowns prior to their appointment. That way, you will have a better sense of what you want and can make your decision without wondering what else is out there. There is only one of each sample dress, so once it is gone, it is gone forever.  We don’t hold any gowns, so if your mom/bff/cousin etc. can’t make it you will have to decide without them! If you know you cannot make your decision that day, it is best to schedule for when you are ready to purchase your gown. Keep in mind that we have sample gowns available year round, not just on sample sale days!

3. Is finding a deal on your wedding gown more important than having a traditional bridal experience?

Sample sale appointments are shortened to just 1 hour, and you are expected to make your decision within that time. You will likely be sharing your fitting room with another bride, and your guests will be asked to remain in the viewing area. You will have a stylist dedicated to you, however, you should not expect the typical bridal experience that anna be is known for. If you are a bride that loves a deal, we promise all of this will be worth it as you will have the opportunity to find your dream dress at a fraction of the original cost!

We hope this information is helpful! Our stylists are always on hand during business hours to answer any questions you have or help you schedule an appointment.