How to Prepare for Your Bridal Appointment

Choosing your wedding dress is the most personal decision you will make throughout your wedding planning.  Whether your style is romantic, boho, sexy or classic, your wedding gown sets the tone for the rest of your big day.  Shopping for your wedding dress has become such a big production in recent years (thanks reality TV!!) that it’s easy to get a little lost in the process.  Below are a few tips that will help you remain sane while shopping and ensure that you get the best possible dress for YOU!

#1 - Shop only when you are ready to purchase a dress

Can you imagine if your fiancé asked you to marry them and there was something preventing you from saying YES right away?  It would kind of take the fun out if it, right?!  Same goes for saying yes to your dress.  Go shopping when you are ready to commit.  If you won’t choose a dress unless your mom/sister/bff/fourth cousin is present, then wait until everyone can be together.  Choose a budget that you are comfortable with beforehand and choose a store that fits your price range. If you're looking for a gorgeous designer dress on budget, be sure to check out the anna bé sale bridal gowns and trunk show events.

#2 - Bring the right people to your bridal appointment

Bring people that know your style and personality, and will support you finding the perfect dress for you.  Opinions are great, but in the end YOU are the only one wearing the dress!  If there is someone you feel obligated to include but know they will cause you stress during the appointment, shop without them first.  Then, once you have found the one bring them in to show them!  This way they are still part of the process without being distracting.  

#3 - Be open!

Most brides arrive to their appointment with some ideas of what they like, and photos are a great way to show us which direction you want to go.  But after that, trust your stylist! No worries, our anna be stylists know our bridal designers and wedding gown collections inside and out and have years of experience and training. Stylists will take what you say, your body language, personality, wedding details, and reaction in gowns to be able to pull a wedding dress for you that you might not otherwise try.  Very often, your stylist will be the one to pull THE ONE!!! 

Still have questions? Visit the anna be FAQ page for more information that may help you prepare for your bridal appointment! 




all images by Carrie King Photography