Gemy Maalouf now available at anna bé!

We could not be more thrilled to announce that anna bé is now the exclusive Colorado retailer for wedding dress designer Gemy Maalouf! With so many amazing bridal gown options, picking up new designers is always one of the most fun, but also one of the hardest choices. A couple of styles have trickled into the shop, and more will be arriving in the next month just in time for 2015 brides! 

gemy maalouf | anna bé bridal boutique

Here's just a few reasons why we love Gemy and are so excited to share this unique bridal dress designer with Denver brides!  

The Style. Seriously, in a sea of white and sameness - Gemy stands out. The gowns are original yet manage to strike a balance between being unique while retaining a real romance. 

The Price. Gemy may be a designer that can be spotted on celebrities (Lady Gaga, Kesha, Chelsea Handler etc...), but the bridal collection is priced for "real people."  The collection starts at $2,200 and very few gowns go above $4,000! 

The Unique Factor. An international designer with a big following, Gemy is just getting her due in the States. anna bé is one of a handful of boutiques to carry this line! Limited stores means it's a lot less likely that you're going to see your wedding gown on loads of other brides. 

gemy maalouf | new designe at anna bé bridal boutique