Deconstructing the Dress: Dori by Hayley Paige

The Dori by Hayley Paige is one of those show-stopping wedding dresses that is absolutely Pinworthy!  We have been waiting (and waiting) for this stunning bridal gown to arrive at anna be and the wait is almost over!  For three sweet days, July 16th - 19th the Dori will be in Denver and then it's back to New York while we wait a bit longer for our sample to arrive sometime in August. 

hayley paige dori at anna be bridal boutique in denver

If you've been coveting the Dori, here's just a few details from designer Hayley Paige that helps explain what makes this dress so special! 

This gown was editorially shown on the runway as a daring two-piece cropped. The skirt was an adaptation of our Londyn skirt; just in a unique colorway. Although we call this color "alabaster" it's actually a mixture of dogwood, silver blue, and ivory. I call her the sleeping beauty skirt because a chameleon-like color effect occurs. Depending on the light, the gown changes from blush, to blue, to purple, to ivory.  

As for the beaded bodice, this artwork was actually inspired by a simple bouquet of roses. I took a bird's eye view and traced the outline of the roses in rhinestone. I also specifically chose opal and alabaster to pick up on the blue, pink, and purple hues in the skirt. 

Happy Shopping! If you would like to meet with an anna be stylist to try on the Hayley Paige Dori give us a ring at 720.855.1111 or click here.