Deconstructing the Dress: Anna Maier Christia

Here at anna be we're kind of obsessed with New York based bridal designer Anna Maier. The designer, Charles Buntine knows and appreciates the female form. He is meticulous about how he designs each and every wedding dress ensuring that the dress highlights and accentuates the body. And when it comes right down to it, doesn't every bride want to look her best in her wedding dress. 

One of our favorite styles from the latest 2014 Anna Maier collection to arrive in Denver is the Christia. To hear Charles describe how he designed this stunning gown is kind of awe-inspiring. Here's his vision of the Christia: 

When I was designing Christia I wanted to create a feeling of romantic air. The bodice of the dress and the skirt of the dress are the same Chantilly lace. We hand corded the lace in the bodice to give definition and body.  As the flowers wove their way down the body from the neckline  through the waist and hip, the cording faded away as the shape of the skirt flowed away.  The lace in the skirt took on a dewy look and we enhanced that by adding volume and tulle . . . she looks like she floats on air.  I layered the laces and tulle over the nude under dress to allow the flowers to paint the body as they accented the line.  I love the result.

Well Charles, we love the results too. If you're ready to come in and try on the Christia in our Denver location, give us a call or click here to schedule your appointment.