The Lovely Lillian Veil by Sara Gabriel

Sara Gabriel veils have been part of the collection at anna be since the beginning. Not only is Sara Gabriel a Colorado company, the owner and designer, Sara, is utterly cool. She's an uber-talented designer and we're honored to have watched her company explode. Today, Sara Gabriel veils grace every major wedding publication and anytime that we are lucky enough to have Sara visit the shop, we have a waiting list of brides who want to meet with her. 

We figure that asking Sara to select a "favorite" piece is probably like asking her to name her favorite child.  Instead we asked for the story of one of our favorite veils, the Lilian Veil.  Here's what Sara had to share: 

The Lillian veil story-this was actually a "test" of a new style of lace from the mill in France where we purchase all of our laces. They were trying to combine the Chantilly style with the Alencon style to come up with something in the middle which they call "thin cording". I saw it at their showroom when I was in NY for the 2012 collection market and had to have it! We just love how delicate and light it is and it became one of our bestselling lace veils virtually overnight! Fun fact: most of our laces, including Lillian, come to us in a big sheet and we have to cut it apart to make a trim. For Lillian, we are left with a bunch of smaller pieces that we've never been able to bring ourselves to throw away. For 2015 one of our goals is to use these kind of "scrap" materials we have to create new designs and have happily just put the finishing touches on a new lace veil that uses all of the Lillian scraps! 

 The Lillian Veil, isn't it so romantic? 

The Lillian Veil, isn't it so romantic? 

We can't wait for the 2015 collection to see what is fashioned from these "scraps." In the meantime, perhaps Sara will give us a sneak peek the next time she is in our store May 30-31. If you want to meet with Sara to select your veil, headpiece, or jewelry for your wedding day give us a call to schedule your appointment.