anna bé Bridal Appointment FAQ:

We're so excited that you have chosen to work with anna bé!  We know that you've been shopping your whole life, but buying your wedding dress is a little bit different. These are couture garments that are made especially for you so the process is a little bit different. Below are some of the top questions we get asked as brides start thinking about the shopping process. For more tips on how to prepare for you bridal appointment at anna bé, check out our bridal blog. 

Q. This is my first time shopping, how many people should I bring and how long should I plan on being there? 

We know that you want to bring your mom, your bff, your aunt suzy, your grandma, your future mother-in-law, your bridesmaids, your neighbor, your work colleague and so many more. But if you can limit this to a couple of key people, we promise that your shopping experience will be that much more enjoyable! It's hard to hear your own voice when you're focused on pleasing too many opinions. And, keep in mind that this is your time. You want friends who will be honest, but you also want friends that first and foremost will be supportive. We'll never rush you through the process, so we are one of the few shops that schedules all of our appointments for a full hour and a half. For many, this is enough time to find your dress (yup, even on your very first visit) and if you're not ready to decide, after 90 minutes it's probably a good idea to give yourself a rest.  If you're checking out multiple stores, we recommend that you limit your shopping to two or three shops (at the most!) in one day.  

Q. How much do your bridal gowns cost?

As a salon, it was important to us that we could provide brides with awell-designed gown at different price points. Our gowns range from$1,800 and go up from there. The majority of the gowns in our shop are between $2,000 and $4,000. We’ve worked hard to make sure that all of our dresses have great designs and are quality fabrics. And if this just isn't in the cards for you, we'd love for you to check out our sample sale.

Q. What is a sample sale? 

A sample sale is quite literally when we sell our sample gowns right off the floor. We do this two or three times a year and it's a great way to get an amazing gown anywhere from 30-90% off! 

Q: What size samples do you have to try on during my appointment?

Most of the samples in our shop are a bridal size 10, and we also carry a few plus size styles in sizes 18-20. All of ourdesigners have slightly different size charts so every size 10 will fit a little bit differently. We understand that it can be difficult to envision your wedding dress when the sample that you try on doesn't fit perfectly, but we've got all sorts of tricks to help you get a close(r) vision of what you will look like on your wedding day. We've got pedestals to stand on to add length, clips to close in fabric, andpanels to add fabric. 

Q. Help! my wedding is in a few months, can i still get a dress?

Absolutely! Even though the standard ordering timeline is 7-9 months before your wedding, all hope is not lost if you haven't yet found your dress. Some of our designers can do amazingly quick turnarounds, but be warned that a rush will cost more. Another option is to shop our bridal gown sample sale

Q. Do you have dresses to purchase off the rack?

Most ofthe dresses in our store are ordered and require a minimum of six months lead time. However, we always have a number of sample dresses that used to be our floor samples that are available for purchase at a discount. Samples are a great last-minute option and can be a great deal.

Q. What is a trunk show?

A trunk show is a special weekend at anna bé to see more of a specificdesigner’s collection and often to see the latest pieces in the collection. At any given time, we may only carry 6-12 dresses from a designer and for a trunk show it is your opportunity to get to seeadditional styles that aren’t usually carried in the store and sometimes to even get to meet the designer! Trunk shows do book out so we recommend scheduling your appointment in advance by calling our store or booking an appointment online. 

Q: When should I order my veils and accessories?

Most people are surprised to learn that the veils and accessories are all made to order and are not sold directly off the rack. While this means that you know the piece is being made especially for you, it also means that it takes some patience for the piece to arrive in the shop.  Standard production time for veils and accessories is between 6 and 8 weeks. And while we can always accommodate a rush, it may cost a littlebit more! We'd love to save you some bucks so we recommend ordering atleast two months before your wedding.

Q. Do you have recommendations for accessories?

The right accessories can really transform the look of a dress and we work closely with each bride to make sure that help you select theperfect pieces. We have an extensive collection from local designer, Sara Gabriel Veiling and Headpieces, as well as some other greatdesigners. So whether it’s a hand-crafted veil, jeweled combs, or avintage flower, we’ve got you covered. And beyond the veil, we carryamazing jewelry from Haute Bride. Our pieces include traditional baublesas well as some more unique pieces that look great at your wedding orwith jeans and a fun top!

Q. What is a&bé bridal shop

a&bé bridal shop is brought to you from the duo that created anna bé. a&bé bridal shop is a new boutique
created to support the creative surge happening in weddings across the nation. First and foremost, a&bé is meant to support the up&coming, & the indie, & the creative bridal designers and connect them to brides. Secondly a&bé gives brides access to something different: we have a little bit of the bohemian, & the casual, & the vintage, & the separates, & the alternative & the romantic.

a&bé is an easy, no-fuss experience for the brides who want a more laid back approach to their wedding dress shopping. Our gowns are generally between one and three thousand. There are two locations, one in Denver and one in Minneapolis!